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Register to Vote on Project Catalyst

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

One of the most interesting features of #Cardano is the Native Governance layer that allows #ADA Holders to #Vote in #ProjectCatalyst. Project Catalyst is an on-chain community innovation platform that enables Cardano to iterate towards ideas/proposals/enhancements that resonate with those within the Cardano eco-system. Here, I walk you through how to Register for Fund 5 (it's pretty quick/easy and registration is open til 07/19/2021). I'll cover the voting process later-on as #Fund5 Voting Starts!

What's Project Catalyst Like?

If you've ever seen changes happen to your favorite piece of software, process, or organization, you'll KNOW that there's never only ONE solution. There's always a bunch of different small, medium, or large changes that SHOULD/COULD help in way or another. Usually, those changes are prioritized by a select few: Upper management, business process owners, stakeholders, or just THE BOSS. And even then, there's some sort of prioritization-process to pick the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time.

Project Catalyst opens-up the participation to ANYONE that holds #ADA, and has the potential to really engage community-driven innovation. If there's anything I've learned in helping build applications, it's that you get the best results when you engage the community that those changes directly impacts! Every ADA can be a (+) or (-) towards ideas/proposals/changes. And the 'well-discovered' ideas/proposals/changes get funded!

Fund 5 registration started on July 8, 2021 and registration ends on July 19 2021.

So, this means that previous funds occurred! And yes, that means previous ideas/proposals/changes moved forward and have even been delivered! It's an iterative process that reminds me of Agile! Except, everyone has the ability to partake in ownership, and your ADA is your voice!

Now there are so many different 'themes' or funding campaigns that you can participate in; and I honestly think, there's something for everyone to get involved in: whether it be about app development, integrations, decision-making, marketing, scaling, or strategizing over the next fund!

I have participated in Funds 2, 3, and 4; and have been seeing some great improvements to all aspects of Project Catalyst each and every fund-cycle!

Why Should I Vote?

  1. Share experiences & engage in Improving Cardano!

  2. I think collectively taking your own subjective experiences and providing input/feedback into Project Catalyst is part of its wonder!

  3. Connect with Others.

  4. Connecting with other human beings across the globe on ideas that you similarly resonate towards is grand!

  5. You can participate at the preliminary ideation phase, or join-forces within Discord, Telegram, and other social media to be even MORE involved with Project Catalyst!

  6. Gain perspective.

  7. Through discussions with others around the globe you'll learn more! Even make friends! :)


  9. It's a function of the number of voter-participation.

  10. Who doesn't want more ADA?

  11. Participate in decentralized collaboration & governance

  12. This is historic! I don't think there's any other type of decentralized-innovation that has THIS much reach and scale!

Okay, How Do I Register?

This how-to-register process will show a step-by-step approach using Yoroi:


  1. Must have at least 500 ADA in a non-exchange Cardano Wallet (within the last epoch boundary/snapshot)

  2. The ADA MUST be in Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite

  3. Must register before July 19 2021 11:00 UTC

  4. Must have an Android or iOS Device

Steps to Register

1) From your Yoroi Wallet, Select the Voting Tab

2) Select Register

3) Record the PIN provided (you can take a screenshot of this). You will also need this later on.

4) Enter in your Local Spending Password

5) Select NEXT

6) You can take a screenshot of the provided QR Code (this is what is used to 'pair' your mobile device to your wallet for voting)

7) This QR Code will come in handy later on

8) Select Confirm

9) Head on over to your Android or IOS device and search for Catalyst Voting

10) Install (verify it's the one created by IOHK)

11) Swipe to the left and read the blurbs; select Let's Start!

12) Select the Hand-Fist 'Complete registration to receive voting power' Button

13) Select 'Scan voting QR Code' on the last swipe-left screen

14) Reference the screenshotted QR Code and Allow the App to take a picture of that QR Code from Step 7

15) Enter in the PIN Code from Step 3

You'll notice that when you complete the steps, the app will update with 'Registration is in progress!' The Voting Power will still remain at 0, until the Fund 5 Voting period starts at July 22, 2021 11:00 UTC. So NO NEED to worry if it says 0!!

Congratulations You've Registered! Now WAIT!

See, it wasn't too bad! Come back here later on when we get to the actual voting period! That too, is a pretty easy process and YES, you will eventually get rewarded (in ADA) for participating in Voting!


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