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Smart Contracts on Cardano Soon!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

With the upcoming Alonzo update comes Smart Contract functionality that will boost Cardano's functionality and add many users/businesses/dapps into the Cardano Blockchain.

Just recently I took a glance over at: https://alpha.marlowe.iohkdev.io/#/blockly

to get a feel of possibilities--multiple languages, an environment to play around in, AND an even low-code solution to reading/creating one's own smart contract!

Examples are given for a variety of 'hello world!' type smart contracts: Differences, Escrows, and a Zero-Coupon Bond!

When I saw this, I immediately thought of the types of ways young kids are on-boarded to programming concepts (these days). And I think it's great that it even provides a pathway for non-techies (aka your typical business user) to get some level of understanding of what is happening 'underneath the hood.'

Solutions like these remind me of platforms that want to give enterprises an easy-way for non-techies to develop their own apps (think Outsystems, Power Automate, or Nintex Workflows). After all, Smart Contracts are really just 'Macros' aka your logical subroutine/layer to do certain 'IF THIS THEN THAT' type of things on the Blockchain!

So, the possibilities within the Cardano Eco-system are going grow exponentially very soon! Be sure to participate in this upcoming historical moment!

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