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Stake Pool Operators Share Experiences with Daedalus "Potential Rewards"

So many things are evolving rapidly in the Cardano Universe--the Engine is firing on all cylinders! There are, however, some areas of improvement--specifically the 'Potential Rewards' metric within the full node Daedalus Wallet. This article reflects ONLY my subjective summary/understanding of the situation.

SPOCRA Zoom Meeting

I attended one of my first SPOCRA meetings a week and a half ago to meet other SPO's and get more involved as a relatively new Cardano Stake Pool Operator [META]. Since I have only been live for about a month now, my experience of the frustrations shared is very short; however, as a new business owner, I can definitely see how pools are being mis-represented. You can see the 1.5 hr livestream via youtube:

So What's the Concern?

As we on-board more users to the Cardano Community, lots of questions I see on the various social media platforms are like:

  1. 'What Cardano Wallet Should I Use to Stake my ADA?'

  2. 'What is the difference between the 3 main wallet apps: Daedalus, Yoroi, and adalite?'

My typical go-to response is to try-out all 3 and pick which front-end better resonates with your 'use.' I also briefly summarize to new users the difference between Daedalus (full-node wallet) and Yoroi ('light-node' wallet) using analogies such as one is outlook.exe with a full localized storage of your emails, where as the other is the 'cloud-browser' counterpart. Non-techie users, typically prefer the Yoroi interface for its fast 'synching' and 'access-anywhere' feel. But for those that end-up using Daedalus, there's confusing info presented:

For a lot of pools that DO provide rewards to their delegators, the 'Potential rewards:' field still reports 0.000000 ADA:

Here I have pulled-up Eye of the King's Pool [EoK] and you can see that despite what the front-end of Daedalus reports, other on-chain tools such as pool tool will show otherwise:

So 'Potential Rewards' for the delegators of [EoK] are really happening and even-so for many historical epochs!

As a relatively new SPO, I never actually noticed this until this SPOCRA meeting was held, so I was actually pretty surprised to see a situation where the math 'did not check-out.'

The frustration stems from a lot of these pools showing as 0.000000 ADA potential rewards when that isn't true. Or when new-users who are on the fence with delegating to your pool would bring-up the Daedalus front-end and therefore decide NOT to delegate to the pool because of this 'miscalc.' So, in a sense, it funnels new-users to the larger pools that have the 'good metrics,' which to new delegators is an actual 'potential reward'!

Potential Solutions

There were a couple suggestions that came into discussion, but the one that seemed to resonate best with the SPO's can be found here:

Hiding this label/field seems like a reasonable short-term solution, especially if there are multiple things going on with Daedalus Development.

Medium/Long-term solutions would involve actually fixing the calc or even re-hashing the 'pick a pool' pop-ups/tabs. That would require a focus-group and several iterations of feedback.

Putting on the Analyst Hat On

One interesting thing to note that I was able to get the front-end to do, was if I had set the slider to a large amount of ADA, and let the app load for a long period of time, I was actually getting results outside of the 565* (nosebleeds) and showing potential rewards.

I was thinking, maybe currently at lower levels of 'slidered' delegated ADA, there's a bound-limit that is reached and a certain variable/expression just goes to 0? Or maybe some backend data isn't 'pulled' on initial loading of the stakepool tab, and it only refreshes when a slider-update is made... What do I know, I'm no dev 😝.

Other Notable Daedalus Front-End Things

Now, the focus of this meeting was to provide constructive experiences and feedback to help improve the front-end, but as other operators expressed their anecdotes, there were a couple things pointed out:

  1. The 'nosebleed section' of pools at rank 565* was not helpful to end-users

  2. The default slider-position of a user's potential delegation was set to 1k

  3. Sliding this bar, would cause the front-end to 'load-cycle' for more than 3m

  4. There are no additional mechanisms to filter or sort when at the 'Stake Pools' tab or when at the delegation/redelegation pop-ups

  5. The 'grid' display does not really provide any useful feedback

Show Us Some Love!

Anyway, please take a look at the YouTube video (like & subscribe), upvote the github IOHK Daedalus Pull, and please stake to any of your involved Cardano Stake Pool Operators! ✌🤘🙌

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